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Bob the Builder!

Bob the Builder!
Fixed our classroom door! 

Look Mum . . .  no door!!!

Bob the Builder busy fixing our door.

Let's cheer him on!

Room 23 is helping with the cheering!!

Thank you Bob!!!

Jamie's Trophy

Jamie's Trophy

On Saturday I got a trophy and a certificate. 
I looked at it, it said most improved player.  
I got a t-shirt too. 
I play for Halswell Hornets. “

Jess' homemade drum.

Jessica made the harmonica at Interchange – but plays it at home all the time.

For the drum she had some balloons at home which she popped.
Jessica decided to stretch one over the top of a jar and voila!
One drum!

Recorder with Mr M on Friday afternoon.

Recorder with Mr Geoffrey McCallum on Friday afternoon.

Discovery 1st August

Discovery 1st August 

We love Discovery in Room 23