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We have been learning about Fractions

We have been learning about fractions at maths time. We focussed on 1/2 and 1/4

We used play dough to help our understanding of fractions

Our Broad Bean Plants Are Looking Amazing!

We have had to stake them they are growing so fast and tall

Our bean seeds planted in Week 2 of this term sure have changed a lot

Our wheat seeds have all changed and grown too

Botanical Gardens Visit 12 June 2013

After a foggy start to the day the sun came out in time for us to get on the bus.

The red hot pokers were a stunning sight to see. 
After morning tea we had a little play.

This tree has lost all its leaves. It has changed heaps since summer. It is a deciduous tree. We noticed many of these as we
walked around.

This pine tree is an evergreen. It keeps its leaves on
over winter.
We had fun sitting on this cool seat on our
way to the museum.

We wondered what these colourful flowers were called.
They reminded us of cabbages.
In the museum we observed how clothing, housing and cooking
has changed over the years.

After lunch we did bark rubbings.

Our final challenge was a Treasure Hunt. At the end we found these poppies. They looked beautiful in the sun.
We had an awesome day out.
Thank You to our wonderful parent helpers who came along with us.

A Short Busy Week 5 for Room 23

This week we planted cabbage plants and Tulip Bulbs into our brand new Room 23 Raised Garden

We put in labels to show where our Tulip Bulbs have been planted

We all had a WOW moment when we saw how much our bean seeds had  grown over the long weekend

We all painted our newly designed Trees Of Life using gold metallic paint


Every second Monday our Room 11 Buddies Share Books with Us
We read our Reading Book to them first

They ask us questions about what we have read

And then our Buddy can share a library book with us

Our Experimental Pansy Plants  from Mrs Winton's Garden

It has been exciting seeing our bean seeds starting to sprout