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Hairy Maclary SIT! read to Us Today By Jordana

Jordana chose a very funny Lynley Dodd
story to read to us today

Wonderful Reading Jordana

Baking Morning in Room 23

Crushing the biscuits was fun!

Careful measuring of ingredients was important

Sam's job was to add one cup of flour

Our kitchen scales were important for measuring the butter needed
Making the Fudge Balls required
reading the recipe and measuring the ingredients

Reading the Kitchen Scales correctly was important

It got exciting putting the mixture into their
paper cups
Straight out of the oven our cakes smelt delicious
And now to see how yummy they are!
Many thanks to our parent helpers and Lea.
You were all awesome :) 

Room 23 Baking News by Joshua Thursday 29 August 2013

I made Fudge Balls and they are going to taste yummy!

From the Room 23 News Desk Jordana Reports

On Tuesday we went to The Worm Farm.
We had lots of fun. We are also going to have a Mufti Day on Friday. 

Our Lynley Dodd reading continued last week......

We all enjoyed hearing Teri read to us
Zachary Quack Minimonster By Lynley Dodd

We Are Learning To read aloud to an audience

Scarface Claw Read by William

Scarface Claw the Toughest Tom In Town!

Awesome Reading William Ka Pai

From The Room 23 News Desk Friday 23 August 2013

Next Week on Tuesday the Kakano Students of Room 23 will be going on a trip to the Bromley Eco Drop. Please bring an empty 1.5 litre bottle if you have any.  By Sam

Ratu 20 August News By Finnias

Today we have two events on.
Sausage Sizzle and Lunch Time Disco
for Kakano Team.

News Report By Claudia


Yesterday Room 23 got their photos taken. We were all there. We all had our smiles.
The boys were scared. I was in the 3rd row with some other girls.

Forget-Me-Not By Lynley Dodd

Poor Schnitzel von Krumm left behind when his family go off on holiday. We thought this was very sad.

Wonderful reading to Room 23 Jack. Yay for the happy ending. 

Caterwaul Caper

We all enjoyed listening to another awesome Lynley Dodd Story today read by........

Jayden who bought in his own collection of Hairy Maclary stories

Thanks for being our Star Reader today Jayden

News Report From Mackenzie: Mufti Day Tomorrow Friday 9 August 2013

Mufti Day Tomorrow at School

Tomorrow the school is going to have a Mufti Day.
Bring $1 to wear Mufti. Mufti means to wear your weekend clothes. It is to raise money for Kids Can

By Mackenzie

Zebra & Tiger's Reading Challenge continued this week.......We Are Learning to Read to an Audience books by Lynley Dodd

Holly read to us Hairy Maclary From Donaldson's Dairy

Great Reading Holly

Claudia chose The Smallest Turtle

We were all hoping the baby turtle would make it to the sea.......and he did!


This term the Zebras and Tigers Reading Groups are going to be reading to us their favourite book written by Lynley Dodd

Lillian made a great start by reading to us Hairy Maclary & Zachery Quack. Fantastic Reading Lillian :)