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Zoe S won a prize!

Zoe S won a prize at the A & P show!

Well done Zoe S!

Bronze Award and Mathlete of the week

Bronze Award and Mathlete of the week.

Well done Zoe S and Joshua!

Canterbury A & P Show

Canterbury A & P Show

All the Year 2s in Room 23 visit to A&P Show
Check out our photos and all the fun we had!

Science Moving Milk

Science experiments

We did the following exciting experiment in class. You can try it at home, it is really fun!  

Moving milk

1. Pour milk into bowl until bottom is covered
2. Slowly add in food colouring to the centre of the bowl(try not to mix colours)
3. Add soap to the end of Q-Tip
4. Insert Q-Tip tip into the centre without moving it around
5. After a few seconds remove the Q-tip and enjoy the show of colourful fireworks exploding everywhere in the milk.

Draw a picture and describe what you saw happening. 

Year 3's training with St Johns

Year 3's training with St Johns

Our New Super Mathlete, Gustan!

Our New Super Mathlete!
Well done, Gustan!

Room 23 . . . Class of The Week!!!  
Well done Room 23, you are awesome!

Super Mathletes - Zoe and Gustan

Super Mathletes - Zoe and Gustan.

I can write an equation!

Super Mathlete Jessica

Super Mathlete Jessica
Well done, Jess!

Maths Home Learning Awards

Maths Home Learning Awards
Well done!!

and our first Diamond Award!
Great job, Jamie!!