Welcome to the class blog. This will be a place for you to view the amazing classwork which is happening throughout the year. Take time to read the notices and to post messages. Please feel free to comment.

Room 23 Host Assembly

               Room 23 performing the Gummy Bear Dance.
                       We are leading the school song.
         Everyone was abel to be heard when they spoke. Well done!

The Cloakroom

 This week we are focusing on showing the CARE Values in the cloakroom.
 We drew what it should look like. Our drawings can be found on the library shelf.

Art with Mr McAven

                                          Some great "Worry Bugs".

Halswell Quarry

                                 We are learning about bird sounds.

    We found out that we need birds to help plant seeds.

                           We are learning how to use a magnifying glass.
Lining up so we can go exploring.

                                   What bugs are over here?

                        The dressups were very popular.
                 What tree is it? We were learning to describe the trees.

                                             Off on a bug hunt.

Bug and Insect Fun

We found out that trees need to be replanted once they are cut down so we have oxygen to breathe in.

Being Bugs and Insects at Halswell Quarry

The Guinea Pigs

                                           What is in the box today?
Toast and Crumpet hiding in the straw.
                     We had two special visitors us on Monday.
                Toast and Crumpet exploring their new surroundings.
                  We are studying them so we can write about them.
 Thanks Hope for letting me come in and meet some new friends.
                                                 I have red eyes.
 We were able to ask questions about their habitat. Where do they live? Does it have grass?
                      We described what they looked liked.
                        They have sharp claws and they have whiskers.

  We found out that they live outside in a hutch but in winter they come inside on cold days.
                                  They were super soft and cuddly.

Everyone got to pat them or hold them.


We are learning to catch the monster by looking at the person who is throwing it.
                   We made the game harder by standing on one leg.


  We are learning to give feedback on our writing.
We had some great ideas. Use finger spaces in your writing or use some more describing words.

CARE Values

               We are showing Respect at the mat by showing five.

                   What a super turn out of pink to support Pink Shirt Day.