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Creating designs for our Jandal Mural.

A visit from Room 9
our Buddy Class.

Helping us creating designs on jandals for our mural.

Term 3 Principal's Awards and Bucket filler Awards

Term 3 Principal's Awards to 
Harvey and Aurora 
Bucket filler Awards to 
Harvey and Jerry

CARE Bronze Award – Term 3

CARE Bronze Awards – Term 3
Wow!!  Room 23 has shown CommunityActive ThinkingRespect and Excellence skills.
Look who have earned their 
Bronze CARE award.
Fantastic Room 23!

Art Breakout Term 3 2015

Art Breakout Term 3 2015 - Art in Room 23

Visual Art – Murals - Kākano and Kauri classes will be working together to create murals inspired by New Zealand culture, which will then be hung around the school.

Last week we begun our Art learning with
Mrs Bergmann.

We started by talking about what Art is and how we need to do some planning, even if it’s only in our head.  A plan helps with things like balance, composition and perspective.  We then discussed pencil sketching and the different elements we can use in our pencil sketches, like line, composition and shape.  We also practiced different lines – light, dark, thick, thin, soft, hard and continuous lines. We did some warm-ups for our pencil drawings and practiced the correct way to hold our pencils, as well as we practicing different lines in our own Art Portfolios.  We also practiced some shapes for our Tapa drawings and our Jandals.

Below are some pictures of us practising line and giving each other feedback and identifying our next steps so we can make our sketches even better. (To follow)

Ask your child to show you the different lines that we practiced.

Birthdays in August 2015

Birthdays in August 2015

Happy Birthday to you all!

Maths Home Learning 2015 Term 3

Maths Home Learning 2015 Term 3

Look at us!!
We can do it!!
We are just great with our 
Maths Home Learning.

PE - Breakout

This week at PE we were learning our 4 gymnastic shapes - stretch, straddle, pike and tuck. 

Below are some pictures of us practising the shapes and giving each other feedback and next steps to make our shapes even better. 

We also did some mexican waves in our groups with some of our shapes!!

Ask your child to show you the 4 gymnastic shapes!