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Reading, Poetry & Songs


Whiffy Wilson - Poem by Room 23

“Get in the bath Whiffy or you won’t get dessert” said Dotty.
“I don’t want to have a bath silly” said Whiffy.
“Oh me oh my please take a bath.
Get in the bath or I will drop you in” said Dotty.

“Don’t scrub me with shampoo.
I don’t want to get wet.
If I get wet I am going to run away and get dirty again.
I told you I don’t like baths” said Whiffy.
“It’s only a bath” said Dotty.

“Fine I will get in the bath.
“The soap feels funny on my fur” said Whiffy.

“Good boy! Time to get dry” said Dotty.

Junior Choir Songs

It's a hard knock life for us - with words

It's a hard knock life for us


Walking On Sunshine

Try Everything

Can't Stop the Feeling

Te Reo Songs

The Gruffalo Song

Five Food Groups

If big and strong you wish to grow,
The five food groups you need to know.
Eat some protein every day,
It builds your body every way.

Have some milk as well as cheese
Your bones and teeth will grow with ease.

Munch some bread and cereal too,
A little bit is good for you.

Fruit and vegetables - don’t ignore,
You need them for your vitamin store.

And last, for energy and such,
You need some fat, but not too much!

So eat from ‘five groups’ every day

And in good health you’ll always stay.

Gummy Bear Dance

Our latest Poems

My Tooth Fell Out

A tooth fell out, and left a space
So big my tongue could touch my face.

And every time I smile, I show
a space where something used to grow.

I miss my tooth as you can guess

But then, I have to brush one less!

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We have been practicing the school song in Whanui Hui.

Click on the link - School Song

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