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Rabbit Masks

                        We have been busy creating bunny masks.

                                   Makaire and his bunny mask.

Room 23 in Action

                                The Gruffalo song in action.

In writing we are designing our own easter eggs, creating a rabbit mask or making finger puppets.

          We are discussing how to show respect in the classroom.

      Super singing of the school song this morning.

After lunch and morning tea we share how we feel.


We work really well when we work silently or whispering.

The Care Values

We have learned how to show respect in the classroom. We are super at cleaning up after ourselves.

                                       Team work makes light work.

We have been practicing showing the care values in the classroom when lining up.

Check this link out.

See what Kiwi and Pooh Bear have been up to.


My name is Kiwi. I love my new chair. Thanks for making it Jessica.

                               I have caught the reading bug.

Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear playing fly sqaut.

                       Pooh bear about to get stuck into the playdough.

Some more great moments form the week

                                          Free choice Writing

                              Working on the big book activity.

                                          The squares in action.

                                             The Penguin Dance

What has been happening so far this week?

Lots of concentration today using materials to help us add.

Today in reading the Penguins learned about raft making.

Willow and Jenna busy with number and handwriting practice.

             It is always great to see reading before school.Well done Isis.

What has been happening this week?

We have been testing out the new maths games this week.

Fly Squat

Lachlan getting lucky sixes.

                                    Making shapes with our bodies.

We have been writing about Jellie Park. 
Super concentation this morning.

                                       Octopus on the court.                                         

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