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Lantern Time

It was neat trying something new.

Lots of hard work going on here.

Lanterns Galore.

What a feast for Multicultural Week.

So many yummy choices.

It was fabulous!

Playdough fun before school starts!

                                    Nicole's minature creations.

                                      Peter's super snowman.

What a great day out at Jellie Park.

It was great having so many parent helpers come with us to the pool.

Chilling out.

Who can you spot here?

Makaire had great fun in the pool today.

See if you can spot Dean?

So eager to get into the pool.

Neary there. We were great at showing the CARE values on the bus.

                                 We are on the way to Jellie Park!
On Monday in writing we made playdough.

                     Everyone was being super role models in the classroom.

We took turns, and it was very exciting!

                                    It needed lots of stirring.

We were learning how to line up for the Room 23 Bus.

We show active thinking on the bus and show our manners by saying,"Good Morning" to the bus driver.

We had to build a hut which could support a block.

 We learned that a classroom treaty is a good way to keep the rules the same for everyone, so everyone works together nicely.
Our dot pictures. 
We used a cotton bud to help us paint our dot pictures.

When you are unsure of what to paint, start with a dot.

We are drawing the care values by reflecting on our learning this week in Room 23.
Everybody put in their best effort. Super work!

We were learning to take turns when working together. Each group was trying to make the tallest tower out of the different blocks. Team work made it happen.

On a super hot day we learned how to enter the pool by entering in backwards.
On Tuesday we took photos of where you can play in the playground and which areas are out of bounds.

                         You can play on the Junior Playground.

Junior Playground in action

This area behind Room 23 is out of bounds.

We have been learning to work as a team in the classroom. Today's challenge was to pass the balloon to each team member before passing it over the imaginary net.

Today we have been learning about "perseverance".

Never give up and keep on trying.

We were given a challenge to make a balloon out of paper. We persevered and did our best folding the paper different ways.