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Our Shared Lunch

                               Yum! Yum! Yum!

                     We had a variety of healthy food choices today!

Week 11

                We have been counting past 100 as a class.

Super work from the children working on their SML's during maths.

We are learning to subtract numbers in our heads by counting backwards.

We each wrote a menu and now we are writing about it.

Fantastic to see maths games out before school.

The Updated Food Pyramid

The new "Healthy Heart' visual guide.  Click on the link

Eat a variety of foods.

Eat Most, vegetables and fruit.

Eat some breads, cereals and starchy vegetables.

Eat a bit of fish, meat, chicken and eggs.

Eat less milk products, like cheese, yogurt and milk but remember children need to drink milk everyday.

Limit nuts and oils.

Sugary food and salty food are okay sometimes.

Life Education

                                          We are off to visit Harrold.

 The children got to meet Harrold in his digital environment. They got to change the weather.

We are learning about the different food groups. We found out that food can come from the ground and from animals.

Everyone got a turn putting a piece of food in the correct food group.

                                          Harrold saying hello.

                                        Harrold up and about.


Room 23 is showing the CARE Values in assembly.


We have been learning to sprint to the other side to warm up our legs for kicking.

Making good use of the school pool.

The Food Pyramid

                   Today we have been learning about the food pyramid.

What is the food pyramid about?
It tells us what to eat and how much.

We got to place food in the correct part of the pyramid to remind us how often we should eat that type of food.

We found out that it is good to eat healthy foods often, such as bread, pasta, fruit and vegetables. This helps you focus at school and gives your body lots of energy so you can run around and stay on task.

 The class did a great job learning about the different types of food.

At the top is where treats such as chocolate and lollies are found. You can eat these food sometimes so you don't get rotten teeth.

School Disco

What a fun night dancing the night away at the school disco.

Go Isis and Josie strutting their stuff at the disco.


We are learning to identify food that you can eat everyday and food that you can eat sometimes to stay healthy.