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Lily, Elsie and Milla

Lily, Elsie and Milla take brownies together on a Wednesday night and had the opportunity to go abseiling and kayaking yesterday!   The girls were nervous, scared and had tears but they all managed to face their fears and give it a go!  They had heaps of fun!😀  Well done girls!1

Our Kiwiana Mural! Term 4 2015

Our Kiwiana Mural!

Conlan & Ben Achievements

Conlan & Ben
Well done! 

Conlan and Ben played soccer for Prebbleton and they both did very, very well!
Player of the day and High Achievement Award.

CARE Value Lesson - Toilets Term 4

Value Lesson - Toilets
Our CARE Value Lesson 
and the expectations for the Toilets

CARE Value Lesson Term 3 2015 - Assembly

CARE Value Lesson Term 3, 2015

The focus is Assembly 

Celebration of Learning on Thursday 24th September

Celebration of Learning on Thursday 24th September

We visited our buddy class and then we swap over and our buddy class visited us.  We shared our learning and we also went to the hall to check out all the murals. We also shared our learning with visitors.

Jump Rope 2015/09/30

Jump Rope on Wednesday
We had so much fun!

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to get out and do our Jump off before the rain came!! 

Here are some stunning photos of us skipping!

Singing Waiata

Singing Waiata at last week's Hui

Car Value Lesson - Moving around the school

Our Care Value Focus - 

Moving around the school

Every Monday morning the whole school is learning about and practising moving around the school in a way that demonstrates our CARE values.

All the classes did the same lesson at the same time on Monday morning. We are doing this so that everyone at 
Oaklands School has  the same ideas. We can all demonstrate the CARE values in the same way.

In Room 23
we show our C.A.R.E values in the playground and at break times!!


Get involved and take turns.

Share and use equipment fairly.

Active Thinking
Agree on game rules and play fairly.

          Be a caring friend.


Return gear to appropriate place.

Use appropriate language.

Hands and feet to yourself.

Listen to/ speak to duty teachers with respect.


Try your best.
 Play safely.  

Music with Mr MaCallum

Music with Mr MaCallum
We are having so much fun with Mr MaCallum!

Sophia Skating and skiing

Our family went to Lake Tekapo for 2 nights and 3 days and we really enjoyed skating and skiing. 
It was my first time skating and skiing and I did a good job! I learned heaps about how to balance.

Conlan, Ben and Noah

What are we doing over the weekend?
Conlan, Ben and Noah play soccer for the Prebbleton Soccer club.  They enjoy playing every Saturday morning at Prebbleton.  
After the game they go to the pub for some chips and lemonade. Bobby Bob, our class pet, enjoy watching them. 

Nathan Player of the year

Nathan Player of the year

This winter I played soccer. I played for the Halswell United club. My team was called the pythons . We played every Saturday morning at the Halswell domain . 
Each week we did 30 minutes ball skills and then played 3 x 10 minute games playing different teams from our club. 
In the weekend we had our prize giving and I got a medal for player of the year in our team. I was very excited . I also got a drink bottle,certificate and ball bag as our team was the winning team for the round robin tournament .
I enjoy playing soccer and I am going to play summer soccer on Friday nights . 

Well done Nathan!  You are a STAR!

Bucket Filler Awards - Term 3

Bucket Filler Awards - Term 3

Harvey for being a bucket filler by being respectful and paying attention when others are talking. 

Sophie for being a bucket filler by being quiet on the mat and paying attention when others are talking.

Well done Harvey and Sophie! 
You are Super Stars!

Care Awards - Term 3

Care Awards – Term 3

Harvey and Aurora earned their Bronze CARE award, 
Ben and Liam their Silver CARE award. 
They  have shown 
and Excellence skills.

You are all Fantastic!